Story Ideas

I have all these story ideas running through my head. All these little voices talking to me wanting to get out. The problem is not knowing where to start and having so many stories I don’t know which to start first. And then there is the time, when do I have the time it seems whenever I say to myself I am going to write today and be productive someone needs me to help them and I have a hard time saying no to friends and family.

Anyway story ideas paranormal everyone loves those I like writing about love, marriage, family, magic and were creatures. I think my first story will have a strong female lead with huge magical powers and she will be beautiful and ancient due. In a world I will create, I will give her a strong male lead maybe two. I think her name will be Queen Phoenix. Tall 6′ 0″ , ebony hair, cool black eyes and cocoa butter skin.


3 thoughts on “Story Ideas

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  2. So I think you should do this. I think you should write the 1st paragraph and in vite a friend to write the next, then another friend to write the next. You have so many creative people in you life ( cough cough)… I think it would be fun 🙂

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