Phoenix Rising Book Two Phoenix-update

This book is coming right along I have written more than I thought I would the book is taking a life of its own. I thought it would be a short story but now I beleive it will be longer. There is so much I want to cover and so much I want everyone to know about Phoenix, Rain and Hawk. I have started palcing bits of the story on as I write I’ll add more chapters. Here is a little of Chapter three:

Phoenix was beautiful walking out of the coffee house. Today she had chosen a cream pantsuit with a black silk blouse and black high heels most likely drinking her favorite Café Mocha Latte. Java had to time this just right he knew she would be at the coffeehouse she always was at this time of day. Really trailing her was so easy she never changes her routine someone should talk to her about that not him though it served his purposes too well. Hilton Celeron wanted this one so Java had to make it happen.

“Oh I am so sorry here let me get a napkin and wipe that off I am so very sorry.”

Java had stood and allowed Phoenix to walk right into him spilling her coffee on his suit a very expensive suit.

Oh no thought Phoenix I know I can’t walk and talk on this dang phone at the same time, now look what I’ve done. I bet he is going to be furious that suit looks like it’s worth more money than I have ever seen.

“Do not worry” Java said to her. This is just the way my day is going. My PA quit to run off and get married. She forgot to remind me of a very important meeting. My car runs out of gas and now I am covered in Café Mocha yes?”

Phoenix laughed, “Oh I’m sorry I shouldn’t laugh but you look so adorable pouting like that.” Phoenix looked the stranger over tasty she thought tall average build strong arms. Green eyes with flecks of gold interesting. Has money not that he screams it out. It is in his clothes, a tailored suit, and expense shoes so shiny she could see herself in them. A gold watch, a diamond and gold pinky ring. An odd combination. Long wavy hair to the collar of his suit jacket. Java said something oh no was she staring.

“Oh sorry what?”

Java smiles knowingly I said “it is good, it’s all right.”

“No really I here is my card send me the bill.”

Java takes her card and looks it over Phoenix McCarthy Personal Assistant. “Truly are you truly a PA? Are you working right now?”

“No, not yet I graduated a few days ago. I sent resumes out no response yet.”

“I need an assistant ASAP how about you work for me? I would give you a two week trial if it works out then I will offer you a contract with an excellent salary.”

“Are you serious just like that you’re offering me a job? You don’t know me!”

“Look I need someone right away, you need a job. I am where I am because I go with my gut and I take risk. Plus you still have to prove you can do the job. Do you want it or not?”

Phoenix knew she couldn’t pass up this opportunity. “Yes, I will be there 8 sharp.”

Java gave Phoenix his card and watched her walk away. She’s a beauty he thought maybe there was a way he could have her instead of Hilton, although he would be angry and Javas life wouldn’t be worth much, she may just be worth it. If Phoenix had looked back she would have seen a strange and menacing look on Java’s face, she most likely would have rethought this employment offer, but she didn’t. Patrons of the café saw the look and watched him laughing until he looked at them, then they all looked anywhere but at him.

Once Phoenix was out of sight Java left the bar despite his name Java hated coffee. His plan work just like he wanted better in fact. He walked into Phoenix on purpose what way to “accidentally” meet. For the last two weeks Java followed Phoenix everywhere she went. He knew she would give him her business card. For the last two weeks she has been handing them out like candy. No matter her skill she would keep this job, it is all part of Hilton Celerons plan to gain her trust then introduce her to him. Hilton had plans for Phoenix that he had not shared with Java. Still Java knew something about it wasn’t right. Why go about it this way instead of just introducing himself to her. For now Java would do as he’s told and watch and wait.

Phoenix could believe her luck finding a job in her field and by spilling coffee on someone who knew. She would research the company tonight and show up early tomorrow.

Looking out the window at the scene below Phoenix couldn’t believe how much has happened in the last two years. She had a job she loved building retirement homes for the elderly both human and were of course not in the same place. She had met nice wolf named Hilton, though sometimes she received a strange vibe from him that makes her nervous. Java thinks its nerves but Phoenix was not sure. The only bad part and sad part of these last two years was the death of her parents. Phoenix still couldn’t believe they were gone. It has been a year now since the car accident where they lost control of the car on a curve hit some ice and went over the edge. There was no way to get to them the car burst into flame some witnesses had said. Hilton had been there holding her hand and being a comfort she is very thankful to him for helping her get through that time.

Phoenix was in deep thought today she had a feeling that Hilton was going to propose tonight the problem is she wasn’t sure she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She enjoyed his company sometimes yet she always avoided his touch. How could they become a mated pair? Wolves mated for life what will happen? What will she do? Something is missing what would she say when he asked? She knew it would be tonight Hilton told her what to wear and when he would be there. The restaurant was a very expensive one and Hilton’s name was known the table would be in a spot where everyone could see them. Hilton hated to be ignored by anyone so he always made sure he was in the spotlight.

Hilton would want her to stop working and Phoenix loved her job. Planning and building retirement communities in the human and were world. This was Phoenix baby Java left this part of the business to her, Java like the big deals side of business as long as Phoenix made money he left her alone. She loved that and had no desire to quit yet. Looking around her office at how far she has come. There are other offices bigger than hers in the company but she knew for two years in this was great. Her office was on the twentieth floor, she had a staff of twenty and her own assistant plus a secretary. The office itself was huge with a wall of windows behind her and a large old mahogany desk. The carpet was plush and there was a conference table to the right of her desk and a full bathroom complete with a bathtub and shower.

Bzz…..Buzz…”Miss McCarthy your 2’oclock is here. Miss McCarthy?”

“Oh yes Mary give me two minutes then show him in.”

Get it together Phoenix she told herself. Sighing deeply she walked back to her desk and pulled out the file folder with her notes for this meeting. Phoenix had just sat down in her chair when the door opened and the sexiest wolf she had ever seen walked into her office. Sexy is not even strong enough word. Wow was all she could think, her brain seemed to be mush and thinking was getting harder and harder. His scent was delicious all Phoenix could think was she wanted, no needed to taste him. He was tall well over six feet, muscular, ebony eyes and coal black hair that he allowed to grow a little longer than most would. Yummy!!!

“Hello Miss McCarthy,” the vision spoke if sin had a sound his voice was it.

“Hello Mr. O’Connell please come in have a seat won’t you and call me Phoenix.”

“Then you must call me Rain.” He said with a very sexy bedroom smile. “I have heard of the great work you do but they all forgot to mention your beauty”

How anyone who has seen her forgot to say how gorgeous and delectable she was. Rain had never meet a woman wolf or human who took his breath away and had him thinking of carrying her off and doing some wonderfully wicked things to her. Rain walked into the office and felt as if all the air was knocked out of his body it took everything in him not to growl. Her scent was driving him crazy her body was full figured. Breast, ass and a nice waistline long legs a little shorter than himself, Rain just knew though that she would fit very nicely in his arms and he really was ready to test that theory. Her voice had the same effect on him as a good bottle of wine. Soft sweet and full bodied man did he want a taste.

“Mr. O’Connell, Rain so you have a new pack and new lands, thinking ahead he want a home for the single wolves and the elderly ones, is this correct?”

“Yes it is our pack has grown faster than I can plan the compound I need help so that it flows and everyone is taken care of. I understand that Java Black Enterprises were the best and you in particular and my wolves deserve the best. Will your company be able to handle this job?”

“Yes, “Phoenix said breathlessly.

“Then after this meeting will you leave here and come home with me be my mate?”

“Yes, I will.” Phoenix knew Hilton was not for her his wolf was meant for her. It explains why she never wanted Hilton to touch her. She knew leaving could cause her this job, but she didn’t her mate was here and that was all that mattered.

Let me know what you think, this is so much fun.


3 thoughts on “Phoenix Rising Book Two Phoenix-update

  1. Hi, Ona. I’ve read your excerpt and it’s very interesting. Your story line is good, and I like your character, Phoenix. However, you should decide on which tense you’re going to use as you seem to have mixed third person present and third person past together. I understand that this is only your first draft but that is a little disconcerting, and you need to put a separation in there for the jump from the time Phoenix is in the cafe to two years later when she’s in her office. Also, watch your punctuation, and when your characters are thinking to themselves, you should distinguish that from the rest of the narrative. Be sure and have your book edited and proofread before you publish. That will be extremely helpful in catching grammatical and punctuation errors. May not catch them all, but will get rid of the vast majority. Flesh out your other main characters more; you’ve got a great start on Rain! I believe you’ve got a good story going here. Keep writing!

    I’ve downloaded your free book at Smashwords, and will read as soon as I get the chance. I’ll let you know what I think.

    I know this is off topic but I couldn’t think of any other way to get in touch with you. I just want to thank you for reviewing my book “Living in the Moment” at Smashwords, I really appreciate that. That was the second short story I’ve written involving those characters – “Interruptions” was the first – and I’m in the middle of writing a third that will be a little longer, probably novella length. Don’t know when it will be complete as I’m also in the middle of the sequel to a trilogy I’ve got going. I’ll let you know if you want, and I’ll send you a free coupon if you want to read it once it’s published. Also, if you want to read “Interruptions” and didn’t get it for free during the “Read an eBook” promotion, let me know and I’ll send you a coupon for that, too. I am a little busy right now, so I may not get back to this site for a few days (sorry, I forget other things when I’m writing LOL) but I will be checking back with you.

    Again, I want to urge you to KEEP WRITING!

    Bea Cannon

    • Thank you for that I needed some feed back. I stopped writing for a long time and trying to get back in the groove is taking a little time. So you helped a lot. Yes I would love to read the other book I try to read them in order I guess I missed it. Again thank you for the encouragement an i will keep writing. I am currently working on three books and I am loving it.

      • Hello, Ona. Here is a free coupon for “Interruptions” : YY77N It is good until Sunday, March 31st. This short story is the first I wrote with these characters, and it doesn’t give their origins as it was just written for fun and I didn’t know if I’d be writing any other stories about them. I’ve since decided I would – as in “Living in the Moment” – and I’m currently doing a third book that does reveal more about them. It’s not titled yet, and I don’t have a publish date yet, though I’m aiming for late spring or early summer.
        I know about losing ones “groove”! Been there. But, you keep writing and you’ll get it back.
        Anyway, I hope you enjjoy “Interruptions”!
        If you wish to contact me again, you can send an email to
        Thanks for your interest in my books.
        Bea Cannon

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