My First Post

I decided to start a blog to help my writing skills. I love to write  and sing, but my mother told me that writing and singing was for fun not for making money. then when I had a child at 16 I knew that writing had to take a back burner. I hope that by writing in this fashion I can gather my thoughts and possible being writing my plays and stories and poems again. I am old fashion in a way I still like to grab a notebook and put pencil to paper, so writing here will be an experience.

Another thing I plan to do with this blog is to write down my new life. I decided that 2013 will be the year that I try the things I always wanted to but never did. For example I have always wanted to be in a play with the local theaters. I have always wanted to own a restaurant, I’ve always wanted to travel overseas. So I am going to try out for a play, take singing lessons to get my voice back and try to write all these stories that are just swimming around in my head.

Please come along with me as I try ,feel free to offer suggestions as I write about my dreams. When I place stories on here please be honest about what you feel when you read them. I can’t grow if I don’t know.