Story Ideas

Story idea: a captive who is a warrior and has been taking by a people who don’t understand thing and the warrior woman bids he time before taking off. 
Get over here Bellona now. Bellona walks over to her jailer and captor she has had enough she has seen all she needs to report back. She also has enough of the other captives ready to leave with her. Walking slowly standing taller Bellona finally stands in front of the one who thinks he is in charge. 
What do you want she asks confidence in her voice back straight looking him in the eyes. “Do you know what my name means in my language? it means warrior you have a warrior in your mist and she is tired of your treatment of her people. Release us now.
The jailer laughs and tries to stand Bellona holds him down and it is time to die. Fighter to me. At that war cry every captive in the room stood and weapons appear as if out of thin air. The captive held swords and knifes and small handguns at the throat of the guards The jailers stops laughing and his eyes are now so wide the green pupils are almost hidden. “Get everyone out of here and too the gates don’t wait for me take all that want to go and burn everything as you leave. This camp will not hold anyone else. Try to stay low and do as much damage quietly. Protect those that cannot fight and get weapons to those that can. But first kill every soldier here
The jailer tells us we shall all die I tell him he won’t be there to see it if we do. 
(A new story idea that came to me in a dream last night)



It has been a little over a year since my sister passed away and I am still dealing with it. I really haven’t talked to anyone about it so I decided that I would write a short story about her and what she meant to me. I think I want to write about a little of what it was like having her in my life and the impact knowing her had on me.

I think I would include how my eldest sister and I talk now since our middle sister is gone. I think we are closer now than we have ever been. It is still a journey as we haven’t spent a lot of time together.