Sunday August 18, 2013

I wake up feeling blessed and love. I have come to the conclusion that I must always be on guard against the things that would steal my joy. I also know that I have to stop giving people power over me and be in control of my own life and feelings and reactions. I am at a unique time in my life it is the first time I have lived alone and the first time since 16 that I have only been responsible for only myself. I am still young children are grown up and living their life. They don’t need me as they used to. The whole world is out there and I plan to see it and enjoy it. Some may say I am on a selfish path I say I am on a path of discovery. Who is Ona now? What does she like? What does she want out of life? These and many other questions I plan to answer. I enrolled in classes this time that concentrate on the arts to help improve my writing skills and introduce me to the workings of the theater I am looking forward to that.

The weight loss is working too I have lost a little more weight I decided that every week when I check my weight that is the amount I will place in my vacation fund. This week I loss another five pounds so I put five dollars in the kitty. I plan to use that as my spending money. My dream is to take two weeks and find a nice little village in the fall and spend time writing and just relaxing and enjoying myself. To be on my own time table  to  write when I like sight see when I want and if I want to do nothing.

So at this moment I have three books in production my dreams are getting more and more vivid so I have taken to keeping paper with me at all times and writing down my dreams and any ideas that come to me. I tell you I am at a great time in my creativity. I just fell blessed and loved not so much from people though I know I have that too , but from my GOD I know that by finally being true to self HE is proud of happy for his child.

Be Blessed any and all who read this blog. Have a great Sunday and keep writing!