Phoenix Rising Book Three Rain

I am almost finished with the third book in the series. I took longer to write this one> I wanted to flesh out the characters and make them more interesting. I have introduced new characters and moved the plot further on. I hope you enjoy this little bit of the book and get the book when it is completed.
Everything was in place Phoenix called her aunt and through a lot of crying and explaining her aunt is getting on a private plane Rain owned under a different name just in case Hilton was still watching their movements. The pack would meet her at the airport Hawk sent some of his best flier and soldiers ahead to watch over the airport. It wasn’t that far away but better safe than sorry. So far Phoenix hasn’t had another blackout or lost control of her powers again. Java and Susan are a mated pair they are not sure if they will stay here or head back to Kansas City. There is talk of moving the head offices to downtown Little Rock.
The biggest problem right now is where and what is Hilton up to. With Java here we have lost our eyes in the company and we all feel it is too risky for him to go back right now. Phoenix will have her aunt in a few days and then maybe we can get some more answers and finally get our lives back on track.
Hilton Celeron stood in his penthouse overlooking downtown Kansas City not really seeing it at all what he did see was a red haze. Where is Java he fumed? No calls no text no communication of any kind. Either they killed him which means they now know about my true nature or he told them which means the same thing. Either way this has gone on long enough they know about me so I must change my strategy just then his cell phone rang.
“What is it?’ he growls in the phone, “this better be important. The aunt you have been looking for they found her do you still want her. YES I WANT HER IDIOT! Bring her to me here if they get to her before you don’t ever let me see you again. You better fall off the earth.”
Slamming his phone shut laughing for the first time in days Hilton felt things just might be going his way again. Phoenix my beautifully, powerful little she-wolf. I will have you. Looking back out of his floor to ceiling window at the downtown landscape laughing loudly and plotting yet again.
Rain O’Connell is a natural alpha born with the gene and molded to the task by life. He had loving parents who even though the alpha gene skipped them recognized it in their sons. They encourage him to embrace his inner alpha and grow. Rain was encouraged and taught by his uncle the alpha of their pack to channel his power and what it meant to be a great alpha. It was more than knowing all about pack law it was about knowing your pack and what would be best for them as a group and as individuals. It was being able to make the decisions and living with that.
Alpha Rick taught Rain to always consider his pack but remain in charge. Anyone and everyone who came in contact with Rain knew there was something different about him even if they didn’t know what it was. The pack knew that Rain was stronger than most and his wolf larger than just about any other wolf around in any pack. But it was his intelligence and his raw power that made him stand out the most. One day Rain will the alphas Alpha that meant he would be not just top of his pack but the top of all packs.
Rain already has the beginnings of his own pack since they were pups his three best friends. Thomas, Blue and Sand. The four friends were all born within a few months of each other. Sand first Thomas two months later, then Rain one month after that and finally the youngest Blue. It was evident from the beginning that Rain was the leader.
The quartet was always together if you saw one you saw the others. The hierarchy formed early with Rain being the alpha of their little group. Thomas became his first beta Thomas is a strong beta if not for Rain Thomas might have been an alpha himself as it was Thomas was happy to follow Rain and protect him. Blue is the next Beta where Thomas is hard, blue is easy going strong loyal but the friendliest of the four. Then there was Sand the groups enforcer Sand would carry out all orders given by any of the betas once Rain established his own pack it would be Sands job to maintain order and he had the level-head that was needed in any emergency.
Even though the boys had formed a pack they still had to show respect to the pack alpha and Rains uncle. Uncle Rick was a good alpha, a strong leader he took great care of his pack brother to Rains father. Then there was Rains aunt. Aunt Cricket was a shining example of what a mate to the alpha should be Rain hoped that one day he would find a mate as strong for himself.
The older Rain become the harder it was to bow down to his uncle. Rain loved him and respected him, but was no longer willing to bow to him. The family knew this would happen one day. The four were extremely loyal to each other so much so that talk was floating around the pack once Rain and the others turned 20 that Rains group would take over the pack. Rain had too much respect for his uncle to ever fight him for the pack so he knew his time in the parental pack had ended and it was time to form his own. In order to make a clean break Rain decided to head to another state and away from his uncle’s pack. After speaking to his parents and his uncle Rain formally left the pack thinking he would lose Thomas as he was newly mated to Storm and he would never want to come between a mated pair even if he could.
So on Rain’s twentieth birthday he and his friends prepared to head out. Loading the SUV with a few of the belongings of Blue, Sand and Rain the trio was about to start off when Thomas walked up with his things.
“You didn’t really think I would let you go off without me did you?” Thomas inquired.
“What about Storm?”
“We agreed that I would go along and help find our new home while she would supervise the packing and loading of all our things to be delivered once we found new pack lands.”
Rain, Blue and Sand grinned from ear to ear this was the way it was supposed to be the four of them together striking out to make their mark on the world.
“Well,” Sand said “Don’t just stand there get in the truck.”
Thomas swung up into the front seat driving as always with Rain in the front passenger seat and Blue and Sand in back waving at everyone as they pulled out of Rains parents’ driveway.
“Which way?”
“South let’s head south.
With a final wave the quartet headed off south.
Rain knew he had to find new pack lands quickly so Thomas and Storm could be back together as mates don’t like to be apart. The good thing though is that mates have a telepathic link that has no limit of distance. It is stronger when close but it can be felt anywhere at any time.
“Let’s head to Arkansas and see if we can find a home.”
Driving through Little Rock, AR Thomas spots a sign announcing an auction on an extremely large track of land a few miles outside of the city taking the directions down the quartet headed off to the auction to check out the land. After an hours drive south of the city the quartet pull into a small town with signs pointing to the auction site. As it turns out the entire town and surrounding area complete with woods was all for sale. The town was owned by one family for centuries the last of that family had passed away and there was a lot of back taxes.
Rain sent the fellows out in different directions to scout the area while he spoke to the auction master. By the time everyone met back up at the SUV Rain knew he wanted this land.
“It’s perfect” Thomas had scouted the wooded area. “The woods are large they surround the town on three sides with a stream, waterfall that empties into a lake. Lots of room to run and a large clearing about halfway in.”
“The town,” Sand reported, “is great there are a few established businesses in place mostly older people.”
“The houses are large for the most part the streets need work and some of the houses will need to be torn down most just updated though.”
“I spoke with the auctioneer the land can be sold in pieces or purchased as a whole. I am going to purchase the town and the surrounding areas.”
Money was no problem for Rain being the only grandchild of extremely wealthy grandparents has its perks. Like the fact that a large trust fund that was set up at his birth and an additional large inheritance that became his whenever he decided to start a pack. Rain had more money than he could spent in three life times even as a wolf.
Rain, Thomas, Blue and, Sand entered the auction house it was in a very large manor that set in the middle of the town. Rain decided this house would be the alpha house. Paying for an auction paddle the group took a seat down front amongst curious stares. The auction started and Rain bided winning every time an hour later Rain became the owner of the town, and woods, all the surrounding area and he had his new pack lands. The only thing to do now was to take all the paperwork to city hall.
“Thomas you come with me. Sand and Blue go to each and every resident and invite all the residents to meet at the Manor house tonight we need to know who we can trust, who wants to stay and who we will allow to stay. Those that must leave I will pay for relocation.”
Rain and Thomas arrived at city hall Thomas check out the area and felt safe in letting his alpha enter the building alone not sensing any other were or potential threat in the area. Pulling out his cell phone he calls Storm.
“Hello love of my life mate of my soul I missed you.”
“I have missed you too Thomas the completion of my world”
Storm all but purred into the phone making Thomas’ wolf howl and sit up just hearing their mates’ voice.
“My jewel I miss you. Are you behaving yourself?”
“Of course and even if I was trying not too what wolf in this place would dare touch me and have to face you after.” Storm laughed.
“Smart wolves.” Thomas growled his wolf growled in agreement.
“I have great news we have new pack lands so you can come home to me now. I will text you the directions. How soon can you have the moving vans ready?”
“Well,” Storm hesitated. “We have the trucks all packed just waiting for directions some of the younger wolves are going to help me drive and I believe they plan on asking Rain if they can join his pack. Not a lot just a few maybe twelve it will not hurt the pack at all.”
“Well that would be Rains call. You just make sure those little pups know not to touch my girl while driving down gotta go babe here comes our Alpha. I can’t wait to see you.”
Thomas hung up his phone and text the directions to Storm just as Rain approached.
“Everything ok back home?”
“Yes Storm has the trucks loaded already she was just waiting for directions. She said some of the younger wolves about a dozen are going to help her drive down. By the way the ones helping want to join our pack.
“We will see when they arrive for now let’s get back to pack lands I have the deeds entered and we are the proud owners of more than two thousand acres of land. I say all well for a days work.”