Missing in Action

I have had a lot of changes in my life these last few months. I have relocated to a warm state and I love it. I have changed my job and haven’t had much time to write these last few months. I have missed it and starting again today. I hope to now that I have settled a little to have more time to carve out for writing. I have some new story ideas just from my moving experience and from the people I have met here. 

The first two and one half months I was in this new place I lived in a hotel a nice hotel but still a hotel. I have made some new friends and one is a bounty hunter I smell a werewolf story line there. I am almost finished with the third book in the Phoenix Rising Series. I have two  more books from that series in the works. As I write one plots come to me for the others. 

Life is good and GOD is still giving out his blessings and grace and mercy and I for one am grateful.