One of my friends asked me why my blog page was called Onasmusic if I’m writing. I told her because to me words are music it doesn’t matter if your singing them or speaking them there is a flow to words and this is my music. So far I have lived up to the promise I made to myself. I give a lot of time everyday to writing. Right now I have three stories I am working on these will be longer and more fleshed out than the first one. with the first story I wanted to introduce the characters and get a feel for using Smashwords and I did.
It felt so good to see my book listed on that page only another author will understand this.My next book will be book two in the Phoenix rising trilogy. I plan to write about Phoenix and how she meet Rain. Also give a little back story on her and Hawk.
I have an idea of a ghost story based on real life events, but I’m going to make it fiction and change a lot of the characters. The title is House On Ringo I have started working on a Dragon and magic story I am calling it Queen Dragonfire.
I am so excited even though this in my personal life are not where I want them to be and money is running away from me. I am still a happy person. I believe that God has a plan for me and I just needed to start doing my part. I have a gift of words and I am so glad I am finally using it.
Be blessed everyone and thanks for reading!


Phoenix Rising Book One Hawk

I finished my first story and made it available on I being the person I am googled myself and the book. I just grinned and thank God when it came up. It feels so good to finish something. I know to a lot of people I am going on about nothing. After all it is a quick read and fiction as well. But it did my heart good to finally have a book out there for others to read. My style is still in development, it will improve as I plan to never stop writing again.

I have decided that at least a portion of my day everyday will be devoted to writing. Researching for the book, fine tuning or just anything that needs to be done. I am thankful for theis time the Lord has allowed me.

Please read my book Phoenix Risisng Book One Hawk on Smashwords it is free right now.  It is part of a three part book. Hopefully it will soon be available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon too.