Sunday August 18, 2013

I wake up feeling blessed and love. I have come to the conclusion that I must always be on guard against the things that would steal my joy. I also know that I have to stop giving people power over me and be in control of my own life and feelings and reactions. I am at a unique time in my life it is the first time I have lived alone and the first time since 16 that I have only been responsible for only myself. I am still young children are grown up and living their life. They don’t need me as they used to. The whole world is out there and I plan to see it and enjoy it. Some may say I am on a selfish path I say I am on a path of discovery. Who is Ona now? What does she like? What does she want out of life? These and many other questions I plan to answer. I enrolled in classes this time that concentrate on the arts to help improve my writing skills and introduce me to the workings of the theater I am looking forward to that.

The weight loss is working too I have lost a little more weight I decided that every week when I check my weight that is the amount I will place in my vacation fund. This week I loss another five pounds so I put five dollars in the kitty. I plan to use that as my spending money. My dream is to take two weeks and find a nice little village in the fall and spend time writing and just relaxing and enjoying myself. To be on my own time table  to  write when I like sight see when I want and if I want to do nothing.

So at this moment I have three books in production my dreams are getting more and more vivid so I have taken to keeping paper with me at all times and writing down my dreams and any ideas that come to me. I tell you I am at a great time in my creativity. I just fell blessed and loved not so much from people though I know I have that too , but from my GOD I know that by finally being true to self HE is proud of happy for his child.

Be Blessed any and all who read this blog. Have a great Sunday and keep writing!


New Challenges

Classes started back this week finding time to write has been a challenge. It’s agood thing I enjoy the written word because the three classes I have this quarter have a lot of writing. I must make a schedule and stick to it a time for everything.


One of my friends asked me why my blog page was called Onasmusic if I’m writing. I told her because to me words are music it doesn’t matter if your singing them or speaking them there is a flow to words and this is my music. So far I have lived up to the promise I made to myself. I give a lot of time everyday to writing. Right now I have three stories I am working on these will be longer and more fleshed out than the first one. with the first story I wanted to introduce the characters and get a feel for using Smashwords and I did.
It felt so good to see my book listed on that page only another author will understand this.My next book will be book two in the Phoenix rising trilogy. I plan to write about Phoenix and how she meet Rain. Also give a little back story on her and Hawk.
I have an idea of a ghost story based on real life events, but I’m going to make it fiction and change a lot of the characters. The title is House On Ringo I have started working on a Dragon and magic story I am calling it Queen Dragonfire.
I am so excited even though this in my personal life are not where I want them to be and money is running away from me. I am still a happy person. I believe that God has a plan for me and I just needed to start doing my part. I have a gift of words and I am so glad I am finally using it.
Be blessed everyone and thanks for reading!

An Old One

Life is very amazing sometimes the thing you want most in the world is the thing you do not need. At one time I believed that a lost love was the one I needed in my life. I felt that without him I would never be able to love again to have an honest and true love. I asked the LORD time and time again to reunite us. I measured other men to the memory I had of him and forgot all the bad things about him.
I thought that if God would allow us to be together again life would be wonderful and not only would I have the love of my life back but also my daughter’s father.
Well God answered my prayers and allowed this man to go find me and tell me that he still loved me and never should have let me go. Heaven on Earth right, wrong. We talked on the phone for two months then meet again in person spent one month dating again and no! I have so outgrown this man he is still doing and saying and behaving the same way he was 15 years ago. And the sad part is he is not aware of it and fights any change.
So my friends be careful what you pray for because the good LORD may give it to you and it is not at all want you really want. Outcome of this reunion—good. I am finally free of the what if’s of the should I have stayed or was I right to leave. I know now that my decisions were great for me and I have been set free. I will no longer hold other men accountable for the one. And I will no longer compare them to him or my memory of him. I am ready world the question is or you ready for me.
I am so thankful to God for this blessings, HE does answer prayers just not all the time the way you think HE will.
Be Blessed Family


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